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Voltage stabilizers/elevators

Voltage stabilizers/elevators

Réf. modèle : PG-201597

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  • Voltage stabilizers/elevators
Very useful for metal hulls, ideal to feed electrical devices requiring neat and stable current (computers, USB devices, etc.). The stabilize the output voltage avoiding peaks and can work in parallel to increase power. Protection against short circuit, overload, overheat. 90% yield. Ripple lower than 50 mV RMS. They can also be used as booster battery charger. Galvanic insulation between input and output, external control device allowing to activate it only when the engine is on.

RéférenceInput voltOutlet voltOutlet continuous AmpèreCoolingMesures
29.997.228-16 13.8 ± 1% 20 Static 160x115x70 mm
29.997.3420/32 27.6 ± 1% 20 Forced with fan 250x115x70 mm

Ref. Ref. fabricant Nom du produit Expedie sous Prix
PS-705472 29.997.20 Référence : 29.997.20
(Frais de port offert*)
89,00 €
PS-705474 29.997.32 Référence : 29.997.32
(Frais de port offert*)
132,20 €
PS-705475 29.997.34 Référence : 29.997.34
(Frais de port offert*)
139,90 €
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