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Epirb 406 MHz, model “GME MT 403/403G”  sur Ruedelamer

Epirb 406 MHz, model “GME MT 403/403G”

Réf. modèle : PG-201581

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  • Epirb 406 MHz, model “GME MT 403/403G”
  • Epirb 406 MHz, model “GME MT 403/403G”
  • Epirb 406 MHz, model “GME MT 403/403G”
MED type approved. Manual or automatic activation upon contact with water in case of danger, transmits a coded signal on frequency 406 MHz with the boats identification data, and also transmits a signal without a code on frequency 121,5 MHz. These signals are detected by satellites Cospas- Sarsat and re-transmitted to the appropriate emergency and rescue stations. Technical data: instant activation through digital technology (other Epirb units take up to 15 minutes to go to the optimal operative temperature); microprocessor control signal for perfect accuracy and performance; light, compact and easy to install; quick testing system with Audio-Alert; built-in light signal with stroboscopic flash; batteries with total duration of 10 years, end-of-service life of 6 years. Designed and manufactured in Australia by “Standard Communication”, approved in all countries.

Référencemisure mmWeightTypeVersionPrecision of localizationCompulsory for
29.646.00260x102x83 555 g403 standard < 5000 m pleasure boats over 50 miles
29.646.01260x102x83 600 g403G with GPS < 45 m fishing boats over 6 miles

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